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About Us

Optimser Infotech Financial Services will have pleasure to provide customised Optimiser Business Solutions with ISO 9001 Specifications to your esteemed Organisation. The software will cover your esteemed organisation office Automation. Our solution will optimize the resources of the organization to achieve the best output, to reduce cost and achieve higher profits.

OPTIMISER has been development with the primary objective of giving you more time for business while your office,accounting needs are adequately taken care of . Besides, if helps you in decision making by providing the necessary analysis of data through various MIS reports and statements.

OPTIMISER is extremely user-friendly, flexible and powerful. It is completely on-line and available in single-user and multi user versions. Optimiser is dedicated to business. It believe in Optmising your resources to the last drop. Just as you are dedicated to your profession.

Optimser Infotech Financial Services is a I.T. Solution Provider . We have 12 Software products, which are covering all most application market. We are always aggressive for support and customer satisfaction. Company is in process of ISO 9001-2000 certification. Optimiser has well qualified and highly experienced employees who have a huge specialization in there selected field. We believe in Optimising the resources hence implementation of software is under taken as a partnership between our valuable clients and us. Our software implementation based on a staged approach will facilitate to ensure effectiveness of your business.

The aim of software implementation is to take step towards Complete Hi-tech Company Which provide you with long term benefits like:

  1. 1- Improve job efficiency
  2. 2- Less paper works
  3. 3- Generate frequently reports like tax, a/c, stock etc
  4. 4- Control your staff
  5. 5- To prevent anti management works
  6. 6- Increase profitability

This is what makes us different from our competitors. We work with our clients to determine their needs, establish their goals and offer a strategy that is rooted in business not just technology. We analyze your industry, brainstorm ideas, study your competition and offer expert advice

It just so happens that we are experts in technology too. Our years of experience allows to implement several technologies as determined by the business requirements.

When it comes to design we have that covered. Our creative staff ensures high impact graphic designs that work on the web.

It is our handle in each area that ensures you a multi-dimensional solutions.

We offer comprehensive services, from strategic planning and consulting to graphic design, programming and promotion of your website or company Internet.

We have experts in-house to work with you each step of the way.

We offer clients a turnkey solution, allowing you to hire one firm for all of your Internet needs.

  1. 1. Any person who wants to become our associate has to fill an application form and abide by the rule and regulations of the company.
  2. 2. Associate has to promote the sales of company’s products and awareness programmers.
  3. 3. Each associate will be given separate ID to check his down line status and his own incentives.
  4. 4. Any associate can earn in the company by making direct sale of the products or on the sales made by the associates in his down line.
  5. 5. He can promote only 4 new associates in his down line directly i.e. 2 in left side and 2 in right side.

*If there is any type of complaint regarding company or its associates, it should be informed at the companys complaint section at Head Office.
Deductions: TDS will be deducted from the incentives as per Income Tax rules. Other deductions will be applicable as per companys policy

Optimiser established an organization as per the table given under .The responsibilities an chart of the authorities of various personnel are covered in the Optimiser manual. The organization structure will under go changes as and when required based on the development an growth of the company.

Therefore, over the years we have assembled very talented people to be part of our staff.

Our team is comprised of significant talent in the following areas :

  1. Consulting
  2. Project Management
  3. Research/Support
  4. Database Developments
  5. Web Development
  6. Programming
  7. Creativity
  8. Graphic Design
  9. Technical Design
  10. Web Hosting
  11. Web Promotion

Corporate office:- Chandigarh

We are specialized software providing company with single user or multi user environment. We also expertise in virtual private network, leased line networking and VSAT. Our some valuable software products given below:

Our Highlighted services are

Software division is a dominant part of our group. It is the base over which the whole frame work stood. Two of its cells are viz. LARGE PROJECTS DIVISION & STANDARD SOFTWARE DIVISION.

This software development groups is involved in providing custom built software solutions for a range of diverse applications to clients within the country. This group has highly motivated and dedicated multi -skilled software professionals using state-of-the-art technology for software development.

The software development group is involved in providing all kinds of user friendly, Ready-made application software packages for different industries and trades.

Web Development was formerly a part of the software division but due to the increasing demand of the internet in every aspect of life we brought it up as a separate division . Under this division we took the task of WEB SITE DESIGNING, MAINTANENCE, and INTRANET SOLUTION.

This department is headed by an Engineer who is also a Master in Business Administration. We have the excellent record of attending all complains almost immediately. This department has excellent resources at its disposal and has been giving 24 hrs. 365 days service to all our customers.

Most of the scientific operations in computer technology has to be associated with research & development and OPTIMISER functions in this area too. It carried out extensive researches to uplift and upgrade the flourishing COM & DCOM based programming, Multi-tire application etc and in the coming days it would surely be able to cope up with the market demands.

Consultancy is one of our primary division. We have a team of experienced advisors to assist in every concerning matter from small scale Industries to large-scale industries. You are welcome to have our services and get satisfied. Afterwards we believe in the motto Consumer Satisfaction is our reward.

Marketing is the need of hour. OPTIMISER have a chain of distributors to handle out the demands of its consumers. It had setup a separate division for channeling these distributors and goes through marketing researches for its products.

  1. Information Planning & Need Analysis
  2. System Indigenization & Conversion
  3. Feasibility Study & Evolution of requirement

Client /Server environment with back-end server like MS Acess ,MS-SQL Server, Sql, and Oracle. GUI Front-end like Visual Basic, Developer 2000, Programming and application development. Internet Programming.

We have a customized operating approach to fit your needs , like
  1. Off-shore and /or on-site software development
  2. Contract Programming
  3. Consultancy

Optimiser has highly competent staff employed and located at various cities, to serve the customers to the best utilization of their competence for the benefits of costumers at large. Optimiser has a number of non-exclusive members and software specialists available to augment its resources and to ensured transparency of Optimiser service operation.

Optimiser Infotech Financial Services has established a expertise team for advisee in any matter of Accounting, Legal, Cyber law or Consumer forum.

  1. S. Bhupinder Singh
  2. Sartej Singh Narula

Optimiser has a agreement with various technical person to support for our softwares in different cities. We have highly man power to support latest software.

  1. Company has more than 100 clients in various cities of India.
  2. Company has established more than 10 associates in all over India.
  3. Company has a web solution for any software.
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