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Hotel Management Software

Booking Software

Hotel Management System is mainly a complete hotel management software that can allow you to manage an online booking or reservation system, room management system, customer management, user billing system, human resource management system, and more. This software provides an Admin panel and an attractive Website that ensure a hassle-free operation.

Customer Management

Easy Customer Management

Customers are the blessing or strong point for your business, and definitely, you have to manage your customers properly. Without being a customer management system, your automation process will be totally incomplete. Our hotel management software is integrated with a CRM system, and you can manage all the customer-related activities through this module. This module can allow you to add new customers and handle the existing customers.

Room Reservation

As this software is mainly a PMS hotel software, it is very obvious to have a room reservation system. Without this module, you need to manually manage all reservations or bookings, which will be very time-consuming.
Hotel Management System provides a complete room reservation system that can allow you to handle all booking-related activities. For example, you can add check-in and check-out times, and this module can automatically generate booking numbers according to the booking information.

Interactive Dashboard

With this module, you can get an overall synopsis of your system. This module can be able to represent the expense summary and maintenance cost through pie-chart and line chart. Moreover, these graphical representations help to enhance the users experience.

Smooth Booking

This software makes the overall booking system more easy and convenient for the users and the operators as well.

Accurate Reports

Your business activities will be reflected in a report. Xain hotel management software can be able to generate several reports such as booking reports, purchase reports, stock reports, and more.

Customer Experience

Our software can build a user-friendly system, and your customer can easily book their desired room through the website and can complete their payment process as well.

Save Time & Effort

Time is so valuable, and we also think about your efforts.

All services

Human Resource Management

To manage your hotel business, undoubtedly, you have to need a complete human resource management system. Without this module, you need to apply the manual process to hire and manage your employees as well as you can not keep track of the activities of your employees. In this regard, you will get a complete human resource management system that can allow you to manage your employees from the recruiting process to the payroll system. Also, it can keep a record of the employee attendance as well as effectively handle the leave management.


A comprehensive banquet management system is included as part of the Optimiser. Within this system it is possible to block a venue for wait listed bookings as well as for maintenance purposes. Venues can be reserved in advance with confirmed or tentative status. When reservations are tentatively made a cut-off date will need to be defined.

Health Club

Optimiser Health Club software in India will always understand your business and provide the best ERP software for clubs to allow your team to easily track, manage and report all operations within the club facility.

The Health Club need to be able to manage the usage of these facilities and also the transactions relating to the usage and membership of the club in a very efficient way. Normally clubs would be using a host of disparate club ERP software applications to manage all their activities, for example multiple ERP for clubs as follows - room booking applications, order management, fitness & gym management, restaurant management, other facility usage applications and financial packages may be used by a club.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management, short for enterprise resource planning inventory management, refers to an integrated approach to business planning and operations, in which businesses can manage all their finances, logistics, operations, and inventory in one place.

As a custom manufacturer, using an ERP system for inventory management is one of the smartest decisions that you can make. Not only will you avoid the pitfalls of using a spreadsheet, and all the human error that can be associated with that, for example, missing or wrong information, but it can also save you the time wasted in manually updating and balancing inventory.

Tours & Travel

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Taxi Management System

Taxi Management System (TMS) helps offer a new level of customer service, aiding faster dispatch of vehicles, expenses...

Ticket Booking

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